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Paddy Processing Technology

SKF Elixer works with the latest innovation in Paddy processing. Our excellent hygienic processes, nutritional preservation and environment-friendly methodologies have made us an industry leader.

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Wastewater Management

SKF’s wastewater treatment plant works as an effective solution for wastewater management. The plant deals with the collection, treatment and safe disposal of wastewater.

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Mineral Water Plants

SKF Elixer is the largest commercial RO water purifier in India. We manufacture a wide range of water purifiers combining safety and affordability to provide you with the purest mineral drinking water.

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Experience Technological Innovation with SKF Elixer India Pvt. Ltd.

SKF Elixer India Private Limited was founded by Sri G. Ramakrishna Achar in the year 1990. He started this worldwide legacy with Paddy Processing Technology that has made SKF Elixer, a global leader in food grains. SKF Elixer then ventured into Water Purifiers, aiming to give the community access to safe drinking water. Today SKF Elixer is India’s largest producer of commercial water purifiers.

After achieving success in the field of Paddy Processing and Water Purifying, SKF Elixer India Private Limited went on to redefine the Wastewater Treatment System by providing an effective solution for wastewater treatment and management. We aim to make pure water, nutritional food and a clean environment available to everyone.


Why Choose Us

Technological Efficiency

SKF Elixer uses advanced technology and latest innovations to stay up to date with the necessary upgrades.


Spread across the globe, our service engineers work round the clock to make sure your issues are addressed.


Our team of experienced experts help to keep SKF Elixer up to date with the changing trends as well as provide you with hassle-free and timely delivery.


SKF Elixer provides uncompromised quality at affordable prices. Our aim is to provide our customers with nothing but the best.

Satisfied Clients

We have a long list of delighted customers who are pleased with our work and come back for more, year and after.


Our processes are fully automated, with state of the art technology, making sure that there is no chance of error that might be overlooked by the human eye.

Chairman's Message

We at SKF Elixer India Private Limited are proud to have established ourselves as a Global Leader in three different ventures. Along with designing, manufacturing and marketing of grains processing plants and machinery, we are also known for our commercial water purifiers and wastewater treatment plants.

Our plants have been exported to various countries including Nigeria and Sri Lanka, and are known for their technological superiority and efficiency. The incorporation of global technology and total automation resulting in maximum output of excellent quality rice, with texture, aroma and taste of international standards are the secrets behind our success.

It is the decades of expertise gained in the food grains processing industry that has made us aware of the extent of water contamination and the urgent need for pure mineral water in India. After decades of research, we have designed, manufactured and launched a range of mineral water plants for institutional, commercial, food & beverage industrial, public, and domestic use.


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