About SKF Elixer

SKF Elixer India Private Limited is the sister concern of SKF Group of Companies, based in Moodbidri, Karnataka, India. The flagship of the group, SKF Boilers & Driers Private Limited is today the global leader in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of food grains, processing plants, and machinery. SKF Elixer was made to give the community access to safe drinking water. This was set up due to the health risks posed by consuming unfiltered water. Our aim is to produce innovative products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe and thus help people in our society live a healthier life.

From a very young age, Sri G. Ramakrishna Achar worked as a fabricator and mechanic in his hometown in Gangoli. During this period, he came across an opportunity to do a certificate course at CFTRI in Mysore. This widened his vision in the industry of food grains. With a big, burning ambition to start his own industry, he founded SKF (Shri Kalikamba Fabricators) in Moodbidri in 1990. He began manufacturing rice cookers. In 1995, he manufactured the first boiler cum drier. This was a huge impact and a milestone for SKF. From then on, with vision, commitment, and hard work, SKF, renamed SKF Boilers and Driers Pvt. Ltd., has become the global leader in food grains.

About Chairman

G. Ramakrishna Achar, the visionary entrepreneur is the Founder Chairman & Managing Director of the SKF Group of Companies (founded in 1990). SKF Elixer India Pvt. Ltd. is one of the groups founded in 2013. For the well being and health of the people in our community, Mr. Achar along with his team created a wide range of water filters suitable for several sectors including manufacturing, institutional and domestic sectors.