Children spend most of their day at school for at least 10 years. In such places, having a healthy, nutritious environment is very necessary. It doesn’t matter how large the school or the institution is. Everybody deserves and needs a hygienic surrounding.

This brings us to the most important aspect that lies in hygiene – water. Hydration is essential for keeping the bodies of kids and adults functioning to their best.

Since schools involve a lot of mental and physical activity, children depend on water supplies, making this need for hydration a significant cause.

The problem

In India, there aren’t many schools that provide safe drinking water. This leads to children falling sick excessively and can also cause potential damages to the body that can never be reversed. Without good water sources, children turn to unsafe sources such as hand pumps or bore well pipes. A study shows us that these unhygienic, unfiltered water supplies have caused adverse health effects such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, etc.

There are a few private schools around the country that have taken this problem very seriously and have done their best to provide safe drinking water sources to their students and staff. They have taken the measures to ensure that the campus is well distributed with water filtration systems and coolers.

Majority of the government schools, however, have still not installed trustworthy water filtration systems, leaving children more vulnerable to various diseases and ailments brought by unfiltered water. This is a rising cause that needs to be fixed.

The solution

Every school and institution must install safe sources of drinking water. To attain this goal, we need a national agreement on making it compulsory for every school, government or private institution to have safe drinking water in the campus. We must also take charge to spread awareness about the importance of hydration and hygienic drinking water. Industries that specialize in these aspects must take the responsibility of providing knowledge to those who don’t know the severity of this cause.

SKF Elixer is one such company that not only focuses on making a variety of water purifiers, we also focus on taking the initiative to spread awareness of the dangers of lead and polluted water. We take measures to encourage the public to use water purifiers at home, schools and at work. All in all, we aim to build a healthy community with pure drinking water for everybody in our society.