Drinking water is a no-brainer, and having a sufficient amount of water is necessary and advised.  We normally consume water that is kept at room temperature. We have had warm water when we have been sick, or cold water when we are back from playing a sport, especially during summer days. Some of us also consume hot or cold water on a regular basis for personal reasons that may include health benefits.

However, there can be risks and disadvantages of drinking warm or cold water. One should also understand that consuming either, in moderation, may not cause any harm. But, when it becomes a regular habit that goes beyond the limit, it can be detrimental to one’s health. Dehydration is, of course, a separate issue and you can check out these dehydration prevention tips and home remedies.

Let us understand what the disadvantages of drinking water are. 

Disadvantages Of Drinking Warm Water

There are disadvantages or potential side effects associated with drinking hot water. Firstly, if hot water comes in contact with the skin, it can cause damage to the cells due to the excessive heat. There are chances of getting third-degree burns if boiling or simmering water comes in contact with the skin. It may cause further damage internally. Hot water can cause scalding of the lips, mouth, or the inner lining of the mouth. Blisters and ulcers are also possible. The sensitive inner lining of the oesophagus and the digestive tract are most affected. 

Frequent consumption of hot water can also cause an imbalance of water concentration in the body. There was a case of a 61-year-old man who experienced laryngopharynx edema having had hot water. As a result, a part of the respiratory tract was blocked, and he developed breathing difficulty. 

Hot water has the capacity of dissolving contaminants faster than cold water. Thus, having hot tap water is riskier compared to hot water from a purifier. Rust and other lead particles can mix with hot water coming from pipes. This can lead to complications in the body. 

Consuming too much of hot water can lead to the dilution of electrolytes in the blood. The water can then flow into the cells so as to maintain a balance. If this goes on, it can lead to swelling up of cells, cranial pressure, and even cause headaches. 

Hence, let us make sure to take proper care while consuming any hot water. 

Disadvantages Of Drinking Cold Water

It is indeed refreshing to have a glass of chilled water during the hot and humid days. However, if we put aside its immediate cooling effect, there are disadvantages to imbibing cold water. 

Just like when we don’t cover ourselves well enough during the cold winter days we have high chances of developing a sore throat due to low body temperature, our body acts the same when we drink cold water. There is an excess production of mucus to warm the coldness, and as a result, we develop sore throat and cold. 

The body temperature drops when we drink cold water, also shrinking the blood vessels and stomach, hindering the effectiveness of the digestion process. The body has to then expend energy to raise the body temperature, taking energy away from digesting the food well. 

We in causal terms, use the phrase ‘’ brain freeze’’ referring to the effect produced in the brain when we have extremely cold drinks/water. Coldwater has the tendency to cause headaches, as the coldness chills the nerves in the spines, and leads to blockage. The body can experience sudden shock if we consume it right after a workout, due to mismatch in temperature. This may, in turn, lead to stomach pain.

Disadvantages Of Drinking Water While Standing

Listening to the advice of not drinking water standing may seem funny at first. But, there would be an explanation to this, as the caution would definitely have come from health-conscious people or health professionals.  Just like it is advisable to sit and eat, sitting and drinking water is a better practice. 

Drinking water fast and standing causes splashing of water on the lower end of the stomach wall, as water flows down the food canal easily. This could damage the stomach in the long term, and disturb the digestive system. It is found that our body filters water better while we sit and drink. When the water goes down with a push and without much filtration, it can damage the kidneys, as impurities gather in the bladder or blood. Also, the bodily balance of other fluids gets disturbed whilst standing and drinking. Thus, larger amounts of it may accumulate in the joints, which lead to arthritis. 

Drinking water sitting down, helps your digestive system absorb the fluid well, as the muscles and nervous system are more relaxed. Ensuring we are seated while sipping water slowly, helps in the dilution of acid levels in the body.

You must keep in mind that there are drinking too much water can be harmful too and you must avoid this as much as possible. 


Drinking water is a practice we do with the utmost ease. Few of us drink sufficient water; few of us very minimal, and end up with health complications. Just as much drinking a lesser quantity of water through the day can be problematic, drinking too cold or hot water can be risky. 

One would experience burns, if hot water while drinking, falls on the skin. There are chances of developing ulcers and blisters, damage to the digestive tract, and scalding of the lips and inner lining of the mouth. Hot water from taps can be a source of sickness due to the contaminants present in it from the pipes that bring this water. Coldwater, although quite refreshing on a hot sunny day, can be the cause of many problems. Some being digestive troubles, sore throat and cold, and disturbance of bodily fluids.

As much as taking care of the amount and quality of water we drink, ensuring we avoid drinking water that is too hot or cold on a regular basis, is a safe bet. 

The risks of drinking cold and hot water can be totally avoided if we follow and make it a habit of drinking water that is at room temperature.  

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