The processes involved in the purification of water in the Sujala COLOSSUS water filter system helps eliminate 99% of the contaminants making it safe and hygienic for consumption. The RO and UV filters together make it possible for anybody to gain access to healthy drinking water. The small structure paired with steel elements keeps it durable and fit for several institutes.


100 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

RO+UV+UF / 200 S

100 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

UV+UF / 200 S

P4 (Plain water – four taps)

P3 H1(Pain water 3 tap + Hot water 1 tap)

P2 C2 (Pain water 2 tap + Cold water 2 tap)

P2 C1 H1(Pain water 2 tap + Cold water 1 tap + Hot water 1 tap)

C4(Cold water 4 tap )

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