Sujala ELFIN

SKF curated Sujala ELFIN to purify water at a much higher rate. With UV, UF and RO filters along with a structure that’s slightly larger to the Sujala MINI, this water filter system is a good feature for a variety of institutes. Due to it’s fast and large capacity, it provides clean drinking water to many.


25 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

RO+UV+UF / 60 S

60 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

UV+UF / 60 S

P3 (Plain water – three taps)

P2 H1(Pain water 2 tap + Hot water 1 tap)

C1 P2 (Cold water 1 tap + Plain water 2 tap)

P1 C1 H1(Pain water 1 tap + Cold water 1 tap + Hot water 1 tap)

C3( Cold water 3 tap )

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