The Sujala MINI was created for small, compact areas in and around institutes. The water filter contains RO, UV and UF membranes that guarantee the production of safe and clean drinking water. Due to its compact size and multiple options regarding the number of taps and temperatures, it proves to be a good fit for many institutes.


25 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

RO+UV+UF / 50 S

60 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

UV+UF / 50 S

P3 (Plain water – three taps)

P2 H1(Pain water 2 tap + Hot water 1 tap)

C1 P2 (Cold water 1 tap + Plain water 2 tap)

P1 C1 H1(Pain water 1 tap + Cold water 1 tap + Hot water 1 tap)

C3 (Cold water 3 tap )

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