Sujala NANO

A compact structure and sleek design, the components of the Sujala NANO are more than what meets the eye. Paired with UV, UF and RO technology, this small structure is fit for small spaces in a panoply of institutes and office spaces. It decontaminates water quickly and efficiently, making it possible for students, employees and anyone who drinks from it healthy and safe. It comes with multiple tap and temperature options.


15 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

RO+UV+UF / 30 S

60 LPH (Litre Per Hour)

UV+UF / 30 S

P2 (Plain water – two taps)

C2 (Coldwater – two taps)

P1 C1 (Pain water 1 tap + Cold water 1 tap)

P1 H1 (Pain water 1 tap +Hot water 1 tap)

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