It wouldn’t be wrong to say that every household requires a water purifier. Due to increasing pollution and the spread of water-borne diseases, it would be a luxury to not use a water purifier! Water purifiers come with different technology, such as RO, UV and UF, and each one fits a different requirement. However, these take up a lot of space and aren’t really designed to fit the requirements of the modern kitchen. This is where Under the Sink Water Purifiers come into the picture. 

What is Under the Sink Water Purifier? 

Water purifiers have now become a necessity for every household. However, the latest technology in water purifiers have now brought to us the concept of Under the Sink Water Purifiers. This is nothing but a smaller and much compact version of water purifiers that can be conveniently placed under your kitchen sink. All it needs is a tap/faucet above your sink to ensure that you are provided with pure and safe water by just the turn of a knob. Being so compact and minimal, this is the perfect addition to your modern kitchen. 

Advantages of Under the Sink Purifiers 

How are Under the Sink Purifiers better than normal water purifiers? Take a look at some of the reasons- 

  1. Does not need additional space 

Wall-mounted and counter-top water purifiers take up a lot of space in the kitchen due to their large water filter system. This leads to quite an inconvenience. However, Under-sink Purifiers do not take any additional space. They are designed to conveniently fit under your sink. This is perfect for modern kitchens because they do not cause any clutter. Moreover, to install an Under-sink Water Purifier you would not require to make any kind of adjustments in your kitchen in terms of accommodation. 

      2. Higher water pressure 

Under the sink filters are much more useful in terms of water pressure. Due to their hydrostatic air pressurised tanks, water comes out of the faucet with high pressure. These tanks maintain optimum pressure at all times. The water pressure is so high that it takes just about 10-15 seconds to fill a whole bottle of water. This helps us save so much of time in our busy lifestyle. 

     3. Makes your kitchen look better

Most modern kitchens these days are thoughtfully designed to look aesthetic and pleasing. In this case, placing a huge water filter system on the counter or on the wall doesn’t really compliment the beauty of your kitchen. It ruins the look and makes your kitchen less appealing. However, Under the Sink Purifiers are hidden under the sink and do not cause any convenience to the interior designing of your kitchen. 

     4. Easier to maintain 

Being smaller in size, this kind of purifiers are quite durable and don’t really wear out that often. Apart from regular filter changing they don’t require a lot of maintenance work as in the case of counter-top and wall-mounted water purifiers. They work well for a long period of time without needing a lot of repair work from time to time. 

    5. Cost-efficient 

When it comes to cost, under the sink purifiers are a clear winner. They are much cheaper and affordable compared to counter-top and wall-mounted purifiers. Under the Sink water Purifiers are cost-efficient both in terms of buying price and maintenance cost. 

    6. Reduces spilling of water 

Since the water faucet is built on a sink, excess water falls directly into the sink. Therefore there wouldn’t be instances of water flowing and spilling out, resulting in a huge mess. Whenever you need to fill an item with water, you just have to place it in the sink, and your job is done without any inconvenience. 

Disadvantages of Under the Sink Filters 

We have already established that Under the Sink water purifiers have several benefits over the traditional kind of purifiers and are literally a blessing. However, there are a few things you might want to consider before you make your decision to switch. Check out some of the advantages of Under the Sink Filters- 

  1. Requirement for an extra faucet 

Most Under the Sink Purifiers do not come with a tap. In this case, you will have to buy a separate tap to access the clean water coming out of the purifier. Thus you will incur additional spending other than the purifier itself. Moreover, the efficiency of the tap and its shelf life is not guaranteed. 

      2. Installation of a switch under the sink 

You will require an electric supply and switch under the sink in order to have your Under the Sink Purifier working. Installing a switch underneath the sink and ensuring continuous power supply is not always easy and could be a herculean task because of all the logistics that go with it.  

      3. Leakages under the sink 

Leakages below the sink are quite common. But when there is power supply involved, it can be dangerous and result in shocks. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that there is no water leakage and it is fixed immediately if there is any.  

How do Under the Sink Filters Work? 

The working of an under sink filter isn’t much different from a counter-top and wall-mounted filter. In an Under the Sink Filter, water is stored in a hydrostatic storage tank, which is the main reason for its high water pressure. In a conventional water purifier, water enters the tank through a pipe under the sink. Then it reaches the filter through a flexible plastic tube. After being purified, the water goes out through the tap installed above the sink. This a special tap installed specially for the water filter. It does not interfere with the normal tap in the sink which is for regular water.