SKF Vulcan- one of the leading wastewater treatment company in India

The custom-made SKF Vulcan STP is redefining wastewater treatment systems. The motive behind this was to produce an eco-friendly waste stream. This is later turned into solid waste that may be disposed of or reused, usually as farm fertilizer. This treatment plant is exclusively designed for hotels, food industries, hostels, hospitals, apartments, workshops and in fact, any wastewater discharging establishment.

The system works as an effective solution for wastewater treatment and management. The operations of the plant consist of collection, treatment and safe disposal of waste. Waste from drains and other environmental sources can be harmful to the planet. Hence, our system was built with sustainable materials such as stainless, non-corrosive steel to last long and efficiently treat waste. Moreover, it requires very little maintenance.
SKF Vulcan STP is backed by decades of experience with mineral water plant sectors of the SKF Elixer India Private Limited. We are one of the top wastewater treatment service provider in India.


Wastewater from sources such as bathrooms, canteens, and kitchens consist of contaminants and chemicals that aren’t safe for the environment. Hotels, hospitals, resorts, and various commercial complexes require sewage treatment plants. This is because there is a lot of wastewater that comes from these places.

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