About Water Purifiers

SKF Elixer India Private Limited is the sister concern of SKF Group of Companies, based in Moodbidri, Karnataka, India. Our aim is to produce innovative products that purify the water we drink, the food we eat and the air we breathe and thus help people in our society live a healthier life. Elixer Plants cover the entire range, catering to the diverse needs & requirements of different strata of society. We have models suitable for Homes, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Hostels, Hospitals, Hostels, Industries and Public places like Temples, Mosques, Churches, Bus Stands, Railway stations.

Benefits of Water Purifiers

Pure water can benefit pregnant women as drinking impure water can result in several birth defects.

Purified water will largely benefit children as pure water helps to develop healthy immune systems.

Water purifiers eliminate disease causing bacteria, chemical. salt and metal, thus promoting the habit of drinking clean water.

Using water purifiers reduces the use of plastic bottles, resulting in a cleaner environment.

Eliminates the harmful effects of water pollution and helps in building an overall healthier nation.

Drinking pure water reduces the risk of mass spreading water-borne diseases. There will be an overall increase in quality of life.


Reverse Osmosis Treatment Process

Reverse Osmosis is when water is filtered through a very fine filter with a lot of pressure, removing all the impurities present resulting in clean drinking water.

The RO Membrane is the heart of an RO system & plays a vital role in the purification process. It removes dissolved impurities such as calcium, magnesium, fluoride, lead, silica, phosphate, etc.

The predominant removal mechanism is from differences in solubility or diffusivity, and the process is dependent on pressure, solute concentration, and other conditions. Reverse osmosis is most commonly known for its use in drinking water purification from seawater, removing the salt and other effluent materials from the water molecules.

The membrane also removes microorganisms such as bacteria & viruses, so the water coming out of the RO system is free from total dissolved solids, microorganisms & other metal contaminants.