Water is the most essential requirement for every living being to survive on this planet. We mustn’t be careless having a false notion that water is unlimited, rather make it a way of life to save the basic finite resource that our life depends on. If not managed in the right manner, water shortages in the near future will hit us hard. Much of the water on the earth is unsuitable for use, and using the available water wisely is the only choice we have to save our future selves and the generations to come.

We are on the constant lookout for easy and best solutions to problems. Even when it comes to saving water, paying careful attention and being mindful can go a long way in reducing water shortage problems. Understanding the importance of conserving water, let us look at the many day-to-day water-saving tips and tricks that we can follow:

  1. Stop using your toilet a wastepaper basket: By using the toilet as a means to dispose of tissues or cigarette buds, you use five to seven gallons of water. Be watchful so as to avoid flushing away other items that could instead be thrown in a bin. 
  2. Turn off the water while shaving or brushing your teeth: Instead of using running water, fill a glass/mug with water. You could clean your razor in this while shaving, or rinse your mouth using the mug after brushing.
  3. Check for leaks in pipes and faucets: Even a small drip adds up to many gallons of water lost throughout the day. It is necessary to check for leaks both inside and outside the house, especially in the main pipeline which can go unnoticed since it doesn’t wet our floor or keep us awake at night. 
  4. Force of running water: While turning on the taps and using running water, a narrow stream of water is normally sufficient, and can save up unnecessary wastage.
  5. Don’t leave the faucet running: While cleaning the vegetables, or washing utensils, be mindful and turn off the faucets. For vegetables, you could fill a bowl or the sink with clean water and do the needful. Washed utensils can be kept on a dish rack and can be rinsed using a spray or pan of water. 
  6. Lawn care: When watering your lawn, deep soak it so that water reaches the roots where it is actually needed. A surface-level sprinkling of water can be a waste and cause easy evaporation. Following a regular watering routine will not allow for cooling spells and rainfall which decreases the need for watering. It’s best to water early in the mornings than at dusk to avoid fungus growth. Position the sprinklers in apt places for maximum usage by the lawn or garden. Fortunately, irrigation is not a necessity for many beautiful plants and trees, and they can thrive without it. 
  7. Cleaning of house environments and cars: For cars, minimal use of water can be ensured by using a pail to soap down the car followed by the use of a hose only to rinse it off. Staircases, steps, and sidewalks could do with a broom as hoses cause the large expenditure of water. 
  8. Wait for a full-load: When using a dishwasher or washing machine, make sure you have a full load before starting the process. Modern-day dishwashers use less than 15 litres of water, while some of the latest washing machines consume less than seven litres of water, per kilogram of clothes.
  9. Shower time: Taking shorter showers or having a bath by avoiding unnecessary wastage can go leaps and bounds in saving water of the near future. 

Here are some other effective ways to conserve water: 

  • Kids loved to play under the sprinkler or hose on a hot sunny day. Unfortunately, a lot of water wastage can be caused due to this practice and hence should be discouraged. 
  • By installing water-saving showerheads or flow restrictors, the shower flow will drop from five to ten gallons a minute to about three gallons a minute and you will still be able to enjoy cleansing and refreshing showers. These inexpensive shower heads are stocked up and available to you in your hardware or plumbing supply stores.  
  • Practice rainwater harvesting wherever possible. Saving rainwater is like investing in the future — over time, you will be happy that you made put in the time, energy and money to set up the rainwater harvesting system.


There you have it. The aforementioned water saving tips and tricks to conserve water is powerful enough to give us a lifetime supply of water, and stave off our own downfall. Various institutions can also contribute by raising awareness and instilling a sense of responsibility in the people. This will not only bring about the adequacy of water but also make us live for something greater than ourselves. Let us do our bit, and be the drop that contributes to the larger body of water. 

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