Why Choose Elixer

All India Delivery

SKF Elixer provides services and facilities that ensure safe and secure delivery all over India. We have a wide range of UV water purifiers that can be delivered to any state in the country.

We do this to ensure that institutes, schools, offices, homes, and various other sectors have direct access to safe drinking water.


Water from outside sources is usually contaminated. Be it a school, factory or an office. If the source isn’t filtered, it’s bound to be filled with germs. We wanted to make sure that water filters were provided to as many sectors in our society. And hence, we created four types of water filtration systems that fit well in every sector.

Satisfied Clients

With our water filter systems, successful deliveries and installments all over India and Srilanka, our customers have been content with the safety SKF Elixer brings them.

Our filter systems were carefully curated to meet the needs of everyday people. For those who work in industries, institutes, offices, schools, and homes.


SKF Elixer water purifiers are designed to provide safe drinking water for a long time. We use the most advanced technology to make various types of water purifiers for all sectors. From homes to manufacturing units, we make sure that our technology is always upgraded so that we provide you with the best.